Sunday, November 25, 2012

Refurbished Photo Kids Preschool Artwork

Good Evening,

What a beautiful surprise.....we had such a cute photo in the mail from Clarke's daycare that I couldn't pass up framing this bad boy:)

I had an old frame sitting around in the garage which I repainted, re-matted, and placed his work of art in.

Materials Needed:
-Spray paint or acrylic paint
-Staple gun
-Hot glue gun/glue sticks

1. Wipe down frame.
2. Take out glass and clean
3. Remove staples from back of frame (if applicable)
4. Spray paint frame
5. Reupholster mat with fabric (I used some we had laying around from Clarke's curtains) and hot glue gun fabric to back of mat.
6. Let everything dry
7. Tape picture onto mat
8. Place glass back into frame
9. Place mat in frame
10. Staple backing and mat together
11. Hang & enjoy!

Please feel free to contact me with any questions on specific colors or directions.

Warm Regards,


Saturday, November 24, 2012

DIY Toy Bin

These were so much fun to make. My son's turned out so good that I had to refurbish my daughter's plain Jane toy bin.


Materials Needed:
-Toy Bin (can be an el cheapo one from a yard sale)
-Paint (I used Behr interior paint, but you can use acrylic paint from the craft store too)
-Stencils (for letters...optional)
-Mod Podge
-Fabric or Scrapbook paper (I used scrapbook paper on both of mine)
-Foam brush (to apply Mod Podge)

How to:
1. First, wipe down bin with damp cloth and let dry
2. Paint box (i.e. this could be spray paint, acrylic paint, or regular interior paint). I used extra Behr interior paint left over in our house and used a roller and paint brush.
3. Next, align fabric/paper on top of bin/cover and cut to necessary size.
4. Apply two coats of Mod Podge onto top of cover (letting each coat dry before applying the next...wait time around 15-20 minutes).
5. Apply letters (optional). I actually printed out letters I liked from the computer and hand painted them, then Mod Podged them to the toy bins. This turned out REALLY nice on Izzy's, but kind of so-so on Clarke's. If I had to do it again I would use a stencil or pre-cut letters and Mod Podge them.

Christmas Decor

So excited to have Christmas music on the radio, decorations up, and time off with the fam!!!!

Below are a few projects we did this weekend.

The first is just a cool idea I saw on Pinterest for XMAS lights in the front window. Simply use a strand of lights (I used 3:) and zig zag up and down (tacking up with a thumb tack at the top of the window) the lights. They look absolutely beautiful in the dark room!!!!

The next project is a fun one. Santa Trees-
Materials Needed:
-Styrofoam Xmas Trees (2)
-Red spray paint
-Black ribbon
-2 buckles
-Hot glue gun
-Cotton balls
-Xmas ornaments/bulbs

1. Spray paint the Styrofoam trees and let dry
2. Place in dish (I used a cardboard box be honest you could use whatever....a shoe box lid Xmas dish.....a nice plate....etc)
3. Hot glue gun cotton balls on top of trees, black ribbon around middle, and buckle in middle.
4. Place Christmas ornaments around finished product.

This one was super easy and a lot of fun!

Last but not least for this post. We had my nephew over this weekend and he made this beautiful mini Christmas tree. What a great idea!!!

Materials needed:
-Styrofoam tree
-Hot glue gun
-Xmas ornaments
-Star for top of tree (or angel)

1. Cut garland in pieces and arrange around tree (bigger pieces on bottom and smaller towards the top). Once you have the greenery done trim as necessary to ensure symmetry.
2. Next, hot glue gun ornaments around tree as desired and stick star/angel on top of tree
3. We cut up a cute hair tie with bells found in the dollar bin at AC Moore to tie everything together.

Super Easy DIY Curtains

Hi There,

I purchased these navy curtains for my son at Target and when I got home I realized they weren't nearly long enough (whoops). So, I did some research, purchased some fabulous fabric, and whipped out my sewing machine (although if you're not into sewing you could honestly use a hot glue gun and it would do the trick).

1. Iron curtains
2. Iron additional fabric purchased
3. Hang original curtains and measure how much length you need (I would add about 6 additional inches more to your total in order to allow for extra with sewing).
4. Cut your extra fabric to the measured dimensions.
5. Pin fabric onto curtain
6. Sew onto bottom of curtain
7. Hang and enjoy

I realize my sewing directions aren't exactly specific. Please feel free to contact me with specific questions or if you would like me to post a tutorial. I'm not a big sewer, but this was honestly very easy. If I can do it....anyone can:)

Warm Regards,


Refurbished Entertainment Stand

Good Evening,

Below is a project I did this summer for our master bedroom. We had a really old Ikea entertainment stand from when my husband and I first began dating (ions ago:) which was in rough shape (see beginning photos below). I found some really funky scrapbook paper at my local craft store, painted the tv stand, took the doors out, and it was like new!

-Mod Podge
-Fabric or scrapbook paper
-Paint Roller
-Paint brush
-Painters Tape

1. Wipe down furniture with wet cloth and let dry.
2.  Gather materials together
3. I began by taking off the glass doors (I decided to keep them off in the end, but that's optional).
4. Paint table with regular wall paint (I used Behr interior paint, but you could use acrylic paint from a craft store or really whatever you choose). I prefer to paint with a roller so I used a regular roller for the majority of the project. I used a paint brush for the corners and touch ups at the end.
5. Once the furniture is painted let it dry completely.
6. Next, arrange fabric or scrapbook paper on top as you would like it to look (you will probably need to cut it to fit accordingly).
7. Apply several coats of Mod Podge on paper (I believe I did two or three for this project).
8. Let Mod Podge dry
9. Enjoy your new custom made furniture piece.

Please feel free to contact me with specific ModPodge, color, paint, or decor questions regarding this post and I would be happy to help:)


Warm Regards,


Master Bedroom Wall Art

Good Afternoon,

My mom and I created this focal point for my bedroom wall this summer. I wanted the frames to match and coordinate, so I picked up some acrylic paint at the craft store and painted all the frames I decided to use (they were almost all ones laying around the house; except I did purchase a few white ones from Dollar Tree and painted them).

Please feel free to contact me if you have specific color questions or want to know more about how we came up with this project. Hope you enjoy!

Warm Regards,


Kiddos Train Table

Hi There,

For Christmas I wanted to make my 18 month old something really special. We already had tons of Thomas trains laying around from when my daughter was smaller. I purchased a used Train Table of Craigslist for $40 and picked up some coordinating spray paint colors at my local craft store (I like A.C. Moore because it's close by and offers a 15% teachers discount; however, Michael's, Joanne's, or really any of those places will have could also use regular acrylic paint if you prefer to use a paint brush).

First I wiped down the table and let it dry. Next I spray painted each section (this took about a day as it needed several coats). Once the paint was dry I put the table back together, arranged the tracks the way I wanted (you can also apply hot glue or gorilla glue to the bottom so they will stay in place) and the table looks nicer then any of the $200 ones they sell at the toy stores.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions if you need help recreating your new train table. I would be glad to help:)

Happy Holidays!!!!