Sunday, November 25, 2012

Refurbished Photo Kids Preschool Artwork

Good Evening,

What a beautiful surprise.....we had such a cute photo in the mail from Clarke's daycare that I couldn't pass up framing this bad boy:)

I had an old frame sitting around in the garage which I repainted, re-matted, and placed his work of art in.

Materials Needed:
-Spray paint or acrylic paint
-Staple gun
-Hot glue gun/glue sticks

1. Wipe down frame.
2. Take out glass and clean
3. Remove staples from back of frame (if applicable)
4. Spray paint frame
5. Reupholster mat with fabric (I used some we had laying around from Clarke's curtains) and hot glue gun fabric to back of mat.
6. Let everything dry
7. Tape picture onto mat
8. Place glass back into frame
9. Place mat in frame
10. Staple backing and mat together
11. Hang & enjoy!

Please feel free to contact me with any questions on specific colors or directions.

Warm Regards,


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