Saturday, November 24, 2012

Christmas Decor

So excited to have Christmas music on the radio, decorations up, and time off with the fam!!!!

Below are a few projects we did this weekend.

The first is just a cool idea I saw on Pinterest for XMAS lights in the front window. Simply use a strand of lights (I used 3:) and zig zag up and down (tacking up with a thumb tack at the top of the window) the lights. They look absolutely beautiful in the dark room!!!!

The next project is a fun one. Santa Trees-
Materials Needed:
-Styrofoam Xmas Trees (2)
-Red spray paint
-Black ribbon
-2 buckles
-Hot glue gun
-Cotton balls
-Xmas ornaments/bulbs

1. Spray paint the Styrofoam trees and let dry
2. Place in dish (I used a cardboard box be honest you could use whatever....a shoe box lid Xmas dish.....a nice plate....etc)
3. Hot glue gun cotton balls on top of trees, black ribbon around middle, and buckle in middle.
4. Place Christmas ornaments around finished product.

This one was super easy and a lot of fun!

Last but not least for this post. We had my nephew over this weekend and he made this beautiful mini Christmas tree. What a great idea!!!

Materials needed:
-Styrofoam tree
-Hot glue gun
-Xmas ornaments
-Star for top of tree (or angel)

1. Cut garland in pieces and arrange around tree (bigger pieces on bottom and smaller towards the top). Once you have the greenery done trim as necessary to ensure symmetry.
2. Next, hot glue gun ornaments around tree as desired and stick star/angel on top of tree
3. We cut up a cute hair tie with bells found in the dollar bin at AC Moore to tie everything together.

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