Saturday, November 24, 2012

Refurbished Entertainment Stand

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Below is a project I did this summer for our master bedroom. We had a really old Ikea entertainment stand from when my husband and I first began dating (ions ago:) which was in rough shape (see beginning photos below). I found some really funky scrapbook paper at my local craft store, painted the tv stand, took the doors out, and it was like new!

-Mod Podge
-Fabric or scrapbook paper
-Paint Roller
-Paint brush
-Painters Tape

1. Wipe down furniture with wet cloth and let dry.
2.  Gather materials together
3. I began by taking off the glass doors (I decided to keep them off in the end, but that's optional).
4. Paint table with regular wall paint (I used Behr interior paint, but you could use acrylic paint from a craft store or really whatever you choose). I prefer to paint with a roller so I used a regular roller for the majority of the project. I used a paint brush for the corners and touch ups at the end.
5. Once the furniture is painted let it dry completely.
6. Next, arrange fabric or scrapbook paper on top as you would like it to look (you will probably need to cut it to fit accordingly).
7. Apply several coats of Mod Podge on paper (I believe I did two or three for this project).
8. Let Mod Podge dry
9. Enjoy your new custom made furniture piece.

Please feel free to contact me with specific ModPodge, color, paint, or decor questions regarding this post and I would be happy to help:)


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